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Although garages use the term wheel tracking quite often, what we are actually referring to is more closely related to the suspension of your car. When this complex system of springs, tyres and shock absorbers is out of balance, it can create significant issues for a driver. Our car wheel alignment and tracking in Northampton is designed to set your wheels straight and narrow once more, ensuring that no further problems affect your driving experience. 

Importance of Car Wheel Alignment

Various problems can develop when wheels are out of alignment, the most noticeable is the vehicle pulling in a certain direction and your car may be noisier as you drive. This can lead to poor cornering, especially in wet or icy conditions. Moreover, misaligned tyres are prone to wear and tear therefore they need to be changed more often, meaning extra expense for you. Incorrect wheel alignment is not just a road hazard; it will push up your fuel consumption and in the longer term, and increase your tyre expenditure costs. Hence, by investing in timely wheel alignment both your bank balance and the environment will benefit. 

How is it done? 

Our fully qualified and professional team uses an extremely accurate system to carry out wheel alignment and tracking in Northampton. The Super Track laser wheel alignment machine works to your car manufacturer’s specifications, achieving a highly accurate level of alignment to improve your safety and comfort on the road.

When should you get your wheels aligned? 

We would suggest you bring your car to Calmac Tyres Autocentre for wheel balancing in Northampton around every 12 months, to keep everything in good working conditions. As it is such a vital part of maintaining your vehicle's safety, getting the necessary checks completed means you are less likely to experience a problem when driving.

In the interim period, you could also consider having a car’s alignment checked if you notice something is amiss. This could present as uneven wear on the tyres, steering that pulls to one side or steering which has a delay when returning to a forward driving position. A check is also advisable if you hit a kerb or similar obstacle, as this can knock your tracking out of line. To save time and money, many people ask us to align their wheels when they are having a new steering component fitted, or replacing the entire suspension, or having new tyres. 

Why choose Calmac Tyres for your wheel alignment/balancing in Northampton? 

Calmac Tyres Autocentre is a friendly, reliable and well-established family business which has been trading in Northampton since 2007. Our professional team is dedicated to keeping customers safe in their vehicles and our workshop is fitted out with the latest equipment for each task. Our cutting-edge wheel alignment machine works with a diverse range of vehicles, delivering high-precision results, time after time. Whether you want to book in for an annual wheel alignment check, or you are concerned about the performance of your vehicle, we are ready to help. Wheel alignment is provided by using our Super Track laser wheel alignment machine, which again is akey to ensure correct alignment, for "even wear" and safer vehicle handling, as per your manufacturers specifications. We recommend you check your tyres periodically


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